The price of the tour is based on hours and number of visitors in a group.

Please note that prices do not include any entry fees.

Size of group Hourly rate CZK Hourly rate USD Hourly rate EUR
1 - person 750 CZK 35 USD 30 EUR
2 - people 850 CZK 38 USD 34 EUR
3 - people 900 CZK 42 USD 36 EUR
4 - 5 people 950 CZK 44 USD 38 EUR
6 - 7 people 1000 CZK 46 USD 40 EUR
8 - 9 people 1200 CZK 53 USD 48 EUR
10 - 15 people 1500 CZK 70 USD 60 EUR

Indicated prices in USD/EUR are approximate and can alter depending on actual exchange rates.


All tours of Prague that I organize are private. That means they are arranged according to your unique interests and specifications.

At the agreed-upon time and place, I'll come and pick you up and the itinerary of the tour will be adjusted according to the starting point of our meeting place. If you indicate a hotel where you are staying, I'll come and pick you up from the lobby of your hotel.

Personal tip: During the hot summer days (July, August), the tour could start as early as you wish (6, 7, 8 am)- Prague looks very lovely during the morning twilight abandoned from people! Also the best time to take a Mystery tour is the late afternoon hours or the beginning of the evening, so you can enjoy the magic hour of a dusk spreading over the historic city full charming legends...

All of the tours around the historic city center are walking tours. If you wish, we can use public transportation (trams) to get to the Prague Castle. Some of the specialized tours out of the city center are walkable to a certain extent, but we will use at least a one way journey by tram, metro or boat (trip to the Troja castle).

The time, tempo and duration is always adjusted to your specific needs. The tour could be combined with a stop for a lunch or a break any time you indicate.

I provide free maps of Prague and the public transit system, booklets with opening hours of Prague sights, seasonal discounted tickets for culture venues...etc.

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